To practice champi at home pour some oil into a bowl and make it warm by keeping in hot water. Apply this oil in smaller quantities (by parting hair) to different parts of your scalp by moving your fingers in circular motion, just like you do while shampooing your hair. Repeat this process until you cover your entire scalp. While massaging the oil use your fists to gently tap the head all over. This will improve the blood circulation to your hair and relieve the muscle tension you have. Leave the oil on your hair for around 1 hour and take bath with warm water. You can also try a simple trick here to soften your hair. Just dip a towel in warm water and wrap it around your head after the massage. For best results you can do this overnight and take bath the other day. Wrapping of towel all the night to your head isn’t good and may cause head ache to few people. So if you want to practice this method overnight just ignore towel wrap.